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XR&D are narrowboat builders based in Nottinghamshire. Building narrowboats to a high standard is a skilled business and relies on years of experience, high quality materials and considerable technical know-how. At XR&D we have over 30 years of experience of building canal boats and the shells are highly esteemed in the industry. If you would like a canal boat built to your specification, please contact us and we will do the rest. To read more about XR&D, and what it has to offer you please follow this link narrowboat builders nottingham, this page contains information about the building of narrow boats and some of the options available. The shells of the boats are constructed here at XR&D in Nottinghamshire and sent out for internal fitting at other places around the country. Many interiors are lavishly fitted out in great style with hardwood furnishings and luxurious fixtures and fittings. Some even have wood burning stoves to keep you warm and snug on a winters evening and to provide hot water for washing and cleaning. There are several options available in terms of the grade of steel used in the hulls to the style of the boat, especially to the bows and sterns. Usually, a high quality shell makes a good narrowboat and if the shell has not been built properly or to a high standard, the finished article is fundamentally flawed regardless of how good the rest of it is. The first option in the design of the stern is what is called the traditional stern.

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The different styles available that we can build for you

There are many different styles of narrowboats we can build for you at XR&D.
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Traditional sterns and cruiser sterns

One popular type of stern is the traditional stern, the other is the cruiser stern. Which type you decide to go for depends largely on personal taste, one is not really better than the other. Either way, they will have been constructed to the highest standard from top quality materials.
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The history of narrowboat builders in England

These have been around in Britain for a very long time. There are several sources of information available on this including books and other websites.
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